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Series 1
Welcome to Visual Basic Programming

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Welcome to the world of computer programming! If you have never programmed before, this is the place to start. I have placed the demonstration projects and other materials on this page for you. To download a project, click on the item here and Windows will ask where to save your file. After the file is downloaded to your computer, rt. click it and choose "Extract All". A few of the project files are self-extracting and have a .exe file extension. Run that file and unzip the project where you wish.

When viewing the videos in Media Player, be sure to view them in full screen. The VB projects have a solution file with a .sln file extension. Double-click that file and it will launch your project inside Visual Studio or Visual Basic Express.

Getting Help & Getting started....

Many times you are going to forget how to do something you know you did a while back. This programming stuff is so huge that we all feel frustrated with it from time to time. If you look to the right in the General Information section you will see a link for Code Helper. I created this for all of us to use when you get stuck. Most of the code snippets are taken directly from the lessons/projects you will find on VB. So check there first. I may save you a great deal of stress!

So, start with lesson 1. If you have the textbook, follow along in the chapters indicated for each lesson. The first lesson is designed for you to watch my videos and try to build the projects along with me.



Projects, Slides, & Videos

  • Lesson 1
    Introduction to programming using Visual Basic & Visual Studio

    Chapters 1,2
  • Learning to Program Video Series Part 1: Introduction to programming.

    1. Introduction to Visual Studio  video
    2. Your first project:Working with controls
    3. Modifying controls with Properties 
    4. Naming your controls & making them respond
    5. Writing code to add features
    6. Setting up some Visual Studio Options
  • Get the project I used in the videos here.

  • Learning to Program Video Series Part 2: Using Common Controls

    7. Learning more about text boxes video
    8. Check out the Masked Text box
    9. Link Label adds hyperlinks to your app.
    10. Using List Boxes
    11. Using Combo Boxes
    12. Calendar controls and tool tips 

  • Get the project for videos 7-12 here.
  • Lesson 2
    Introduction to VB & Simple Data Entry

    Chapters  3, 4
  • Learning about Properties, Methods, & Events

Data Entry Part 1: Using Controls   Video

Data Entry Part 2: String Manipulation Video

Data Entry Part 3: Simple Math Video

Data Entry Part 4: Using a List Box

  • Lesson 3
    Introduction To Variables, List box controls, Counting, & Totals. View Slides

    Chapter 4


Demo program on variables we do in class.

Introduction To Variables 

List Boxes & Dynamic Properties   Video

Using Totals & Counting   Videos Part 1  Part 2

Ron's Pet Store Demo & My images   Video

  • Lesson 4
    Making Decisions with IF statements,  & Select Case,  View Slides

    Chapter 5
  • IF and Select Statements

Decisions using If Statements  Video

Using Select Case   Video


  • Extra Projects
    for you to have fun with!

Too cool!

General Information


Slides, Samples, & Details