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I have placed demonstration projects and other materials on this page for you. Click on the presentation you want to review. Items in green are videos.



Projects, Slides, & Videos

  • Lesson 1
    Introduction to Robotics
  • Lesson 2
    Introduction To the Lego Programming Editor
  • Introduction to LEGO-G Programming: How to move your robot

Thinking as a programmer...
Ideas about how to "talk" to a machine
Learning about the Lego Editor  Video 2

  • Motor Basics Programming
    Moving the Robot Video 3

    Compare Motor Blocks & Move Blocks (Lecture/demo)

  • Wheels & Distance Calculation slides

  • Learning about Wait controls  Video 4

  • Pre-Challenges: Robot Motor Tests (These will show up under activities when you check grades)
    • Dead Reckoning(10 pts)
    • Zig-Zag (10 pts)
    • Obstacle Course (10 pts)
  • Lesson 3
    Making Turns & Avoiding Obstacles
  • Making controlled Turns & Controlling Speed
  • Challenge #1: Hill Climb
    Your bot must go up my ramp, turn around at the blue line, and come back down without crashing!
  • Challenge #2: Around the block
    Your bot must move around a big box in a square without crashing.
  • Lesson 4
    All About Sensors
  • Activity: Test your sensors.
    Use the NXT View Me program to test your sensors.
  • Lesson 5
    Using Loop Blocks & Wait blocks
  • More Programming Concepts: Introduction to Loops
  • Making your program repeat   Video 5
  • Line Follower Robot video
  • Calibrate your light sensor (b&w)
  • Get the Color sensor block here. I will show you how to install it!
  • Pre-test for Challenge #3
    • I want you to repeat Challenge 1 but this time use the light sensor to make the bot turn around when it "sees" the blue line.
  • Challenge #3: Walk the Line
    Make your bot follow the line on my track I lay out for you.
  • Lesson 6
    Decision Structures: Switch Blocks
    Chapter 12
  • Making Decisions
  • Introduction to the Switch Block Video
  • Programming with the Switch block:

    A Simple Switch example
    Switch inside a loop
    "TouchNSee" (Two switches manage sonar & touch sensors)
    Get all three switch programs here
  • Making Multiple Decisions
    Using Cascading Switches   Video  
  • Challenge #4: Watch Out!
    Build a bot to move around the room without crashing into anything. It must run for 3 minutes. (Sonar sensor detects objects 0-255 cm or about 8 feet within 1.5")

  • Challenge #5: Freeway Flyer
    Make your robot run the track around the classroom without runining into the "car" in front. It needs to be able to stop for obstacles and then go again! Watch out for trains!!!
  • Lesson 7
    Working with Gearing


  • Lesson 8
    Data Hubs
  • Working with Data Hubs  Video
  • Project pack includes:
    • Real-Time sensor monitoring
    • Control speed via sound level
    • Random start-up speed
  • Lesson 9
    Using Memory: The Variables and Display Blocks
  • Displaying Stuff
    Using the Display Block Controls   Video

  • Working with NXT-G Variables  Video
    • Creating and saving one variable (Tunnel Runner 1)
    • Creating and saving two variables (Tunnel Runner 2)
  • Lesson 10
    Calculating Results: The Math block
  • Lesson 11
    Logical Loops:Compare Block
  • Working with Logical Conditions

  • Project pack includes:
    • Distance, light, & touch
    • Using a logical OR test
    • Motion detector using the Compare Block
  • Lesson 12
    Custom Code: My Blocks, Constants, and File I/O
  • Lesson 13
  • Multitasking

    Making the Robot do several things at the same time!   Video
  *The NXT videos were developed by Dale Yocum, Head Robotics Coach at Catlin Gabel School in Portland, Oregon. The exercise animations are provided courtesy of Skye Sweeney. This version of the tutorial may be freely distributed and used for noncommercial purposes.

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