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Are you ready to learn computer programming?

Great! Let's get started. This training site has been designed for the absolute beginner. If you want to learn how to use what Microsoft calls the .NET programming languages to build desktop, robotics, home automation, tablet, and phone applications then you are in the right place.

My name is Ron Kessler and I teach programming & robotics at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA. I have discovered that when my students need help with their projects, the majority of online tutorials and books are just too advanced and therefore not very helpful to them.  Consequently, I created my own projects and videos for them and now you can learn from them also.

To get started, you will need a copy of Microsoft© Visual Studio. This is the program we will be using to create all types of applications. You can either download Visual Studio Express or if you have a Dreamspark© account at your school, you can download a free copy of Visual Studio 2013 Pofessional or Ultimate. With this program you will be able to program in Visual Basic, C#, C++, Javascript, & Python for Windows desktop, Windows 8.1 store apps and Windows Phone 8.1 apps. It is a great program that will let you build projects for nearly any device. If you download a program called Xamarin, you can even create Apple iPad, iPhone, and Android apps all within Visual Studio!  Too cool.


 Where to start with the tutorials

1. "I have never programmed before or never programmed for Windows but I was told to start with JAVA, C#, or C++"

Learning to program with JAVA, C# or C++ is NOT a good idea. I strongly suggest you start with Series 1 and work through my Introduction to Visual Basic. This will make it easier to learn the Microsoft platform and the .NET model of programming for Windows desktop, tablet, or phone. VB is a very powerful programming language but it is way more logical and much easier to learn than C# or Java. So, start with Step 1 then go to Step 2 and work through Intermediate Visual Basic. Then go to Step 3 and learn C#, C++, then JAVA.

I always tell people to listen to my videos and also build the project with me as you go along. This will makes things much easier for you. Work through all the lessons in each Series of projects and then try to build the same application by yourself to see how much you have learned. You can download the project I use in each video if you want to. Just unzip the project to your desktop and then double-click the file that has the .sln extension. The project will then load automatically in Visual Studio.

After you get the hang of VB, then go to C# or C++ or JAVA if you want to learn another language. If you just can't wait to start learning JAVA or C#, then go ahead. But, take some time to watch my videos for VB first. These videos will help you understand the MS way of doing things. All of the VB  examples apply to how you program in C#.

2. "I have some programming experience with JAVA but none with .NET"

In your case, I would recommend C#, then C++ because you will discover that C# has a very similar syntax as JAVA. The C++ for Windows uses a different syntax so working with C# will make C++ more understandable.


What can I Learn?

On this site, I have compiled lessons for VB, C#, C++, and JAVA languages. You will also notice numerous database training videos and example projects for both MS Access, and MS SQL. There are also some videos and quite a bit of demonstrations programs for robotics with the Lego Mindstorms and the Parallax Boe-Bot®. I show you how to work with basic electronics and circuits in the Applied Robotics and Embedded Programming course (CS 257) which I teach at my college.

Series 1: Getting Started:

Series 2:

Intermediate VB
Series 3:

Introduction to C#

Database Programming:

Visual Studio Resources:

Developer Tools:

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